Divaldo Franco no Reino Unido

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Recebi recentemente a programação de Divaldo Franco no Reino Unido que passo aos leitores:

Divaldo Franco in the UK

(Divaldo Franco no Reino Unido)
11th June - Wednesday

(11 de Junho, Quarta Feira)
Divaldo Franco joint conference with Guy Playfair about “Reincarnation - the
evidences and the Spiritist View”.

(Conferência conjunta de Divaldo Franco com Guy Playfair sobre "Reencarnação e a Visão Espírita)
Irish Centre Hammersmith
7pm to 9.30pm

(Das 19:00 às 21:30 horas)

Blacks Road – Hammersmith
London W6 9DT
Theme: "New Clothes for Old Souls"

(Tema: Nova Roupagem para Velhas Almas)
15th June - Sunday

(15 de Junho - Domingo)

Divaldo Franco joint conference with Dr Andrew Powell about “Suffering”. (Conferência Conjunta de Divaldo Franco com o Dr. Andrew Powell sobre o "Sofrimento")
Conway Hall -Red Lion Square
London - WC1
10am to 4pm

(Das 10:00 às 16:00 horas)
Theme: “Why must we Suffer?” A psychiatrist and a medium reflect.

(Tema: Porque devemos sofrer? Reflexões de um psiquiatra e um médium)

Andrew Powell MA, MB.Bchir, MCRP, FRCPsych is the founding chair of the Psychotherapy and Spirituality Special Interest Group of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCP).

Guy Lyon Playfair, Member of the Society for Psychical Research and the College of Psychic Studies, UK. Author of many books, which include “The Flying Cow” and “Indefinite Boundary”. His most recent book, “New Clothes for Old Souls”
(2006), is a survey of the evidence for reincarnation.

Professor Divaldo Pereira Franco, has given more than 10 thousand lectures and spoken in 54 countries in the continents of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas. Mr. Franco was awarded the title Doctor Honoris Causa in Humanities and also in Parapsychology by two leading American and Canadian Universities.

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